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When is a Bi-fold Door Not a Bi-fold Door

The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘bi’ as: two; having two. So by definition a ‘bi-folding door’ is a door with two folding panels.

Historically the term ‘bi-folding door’ referred to an internal timber door with two panels, so what if a bi-fold has more than 2 panels? Simply it is not a bi-folding door, it is a folding sliding door (it may also be referred to as a concertina door).

A bi-folding door with 3 panels would be like having 3 shoes and referring to them as a pair!

So all of these specialist Bi-Fold companies are only selling doors with only two panels?

That is what their names suggest, If they really knew what they were talking about, they would know the difference!

So when is a Bi-Fold not a Bi-Fold? - When it’s a Folding Sliding Door!

The Folding Sliding Door Company - We don’t make bi-folds.

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