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RAL Colours

Our factory spray coatings are applied to the timber in three coats at 250 microns per coat. This is comparable with up to 15 coats of brush applied paint.

All of our aluminium products are powder coated to a higher level of quality than that of industry standard. There are hundreds of RAL colours that you can choose from. Our powder coatings have a life expectancy of up to 25 years and are maintenance free. To choose your colour accurately and to get more precise idea of what the colour looks like, it is advised that you obtain a printed RAL-colour chart from your local decorators merchant.

For your order we need the exact RAL colour code. On this page you can see an overview of the most common standard RAL colours. As colour display on the internet is not standardized and depends on your monitor's colour settings, the shown colours are only an indication. A more precise idea of how the colour looks like can be obtained with a printed RAL-colour chart.

Beige RAL 1001     Sand Yellow RAL 1002  
Golden Yellow RAL 1004     Honey Yellow RAL 1005  
Maize Yellow RAL 1006     Daffodil Yellow RAL 1007  
Brown Beige RAL 1011     Lemon Yellow RAL 1012  
Oyster White RAL 1013     Ivory RAL 1014  
Light Ivory RAL 1015     Saffron Yellow RAL 1017  
Zinc Yellow RAL 1018     Grey Beige RAL 1019  
Olive Yellow RAL 1020     Rape Yellow RAL 1021  
Traffic Yellow RAL 1023     Melon Yellow RAL 1028  
Broom Yellow RAL 1032     Dahlia Yellow RAL 1033  
Pastel Yellow RAL 1034     Yellow Orange RAL 2000  
Red Orange RAL 2001     Vermillion RAL 2002  
Pastel Orange RAL 2003     Pure Orange RAL 2004  
Bright Red Orange RAL 2008     Traffic Orange RAL 2009  
Deep Orange RAL 2011     Salmon Orange RAL 2012  
Flame Red RAL 3000     Signal Red RAL 3001  
Carmine Red RAL 3002     Ruby Red RAL 3003  
Purple Red RAL 3004     Wine Red RAL 3005  
Oxide Red RAL 3009     Beige Red RAL 3012  
Tomato Red RAL 3013     Antique Pink RAL 3014  
Light Pink RAL 3015     Coral Red RAL 3016  
Rose RAL 3017     Strawberry Red RAL 3018  
Traffic Red RAL 3020     Salmon Pink RAL 3022  
Raspberry Red RAL 3027     Orient Red RAL 3031  
Red Lilac RAL 4001     Red Violet RAL 4002  
Heather Violet RAL 4003     Claret Violet RAL 4004  
Blue Lilac RAL 4005     Traffic Purple RAL 4006  
Purple Violet RAL 4007     Signal Violet RAL 4008  
Pastel Violet RAL 4009     Green Blue RAL 5001  
Ultramarine Blue RAL 5002     Sapphire Blue RAL 5003  
Black Blue RAL 5004     Brilliant Blue RAL 5007  
Azure Blue RAL 5009     Gentian Blue RAL 5010  
Steel Blue RAL 5011     Light Blue RAL 5012  
Cobalt Blue RAL 5013     Pigeon Blue RAL 5014  
Sky Blue RAL 5015     Traffic Blue RAL 5017  
Turquoise Blue RAL 5018     Capri Blue RAL 5019  
Ocean Blue RAL 5020     Night Blue RAL 5022  
Pastel Blue RAL 5024     Patina Green RAL 6000  
Emerald Green RAL 6001     Leaf Green RAL 6002  
Olive Green RAL 6003     Blue Green RAL 6004  
Moss Green RAL 6005     Grey Olive RAL 6006  
Water Blue RAL 5021     Bottle Green RAL 6007  
Fir Green RAL 6009     Grass Green RAL 6010  
Reseda Green RAL 6011     Black Green RAL 6012  
Reed Green RAL 6013     Yellow Olive RAL 6014  
Turquoise Green RAL 6016     May Green RAL 6017  
Yellow Green RAL 6018     Pastel Green RAL 6019  
Chrome Green RAL 6020     Pale Green RAL 6021  
Traffic Green RAL 6024     Fern Green RAL 6025  
Opal Green RAL 6026     Light Green RAL 6027  
Pine Green RAL 6028     Mint Green RAL 6029  
Mint Turquoise RAL 6033     Pastel Turquoise RAL 6034  
Squirrel Grey RAL 7000     Silver Grey RAL 7001  
Moss Grey RAL 7003     Beige Grey RAL 7006  
Iron Grey RAL 7011     Slate Grey RAL 7015  
Anthracite Grey RAL 7016     Black Grey RAL 7021  
Concrete Grey RAL 7023     Graphite Grey RAL 7024  
Granite Grey RAL 7026     Stone Grey RAL 7030  
Blue Grey RAL 7031     Pebble Grey RAL 7032  
Cement Grey RAL 7033     Yellow Grey RAL 7034  
Light Grey RAL 7035     Platinum Grey RAL 7036  
Dusty Grey RAL 7037     Agate Grey RAL 7038  
Window Grey RAL 7040     Traffic Grey A RAL 7042  
Traffic Grey B RAL 7043     Silk Grey RAL 7044  
Green Brown RAL 8000     Ocher Brown RAL 8001  
Signal Brown RAL 8002     Clay Brown RAL 8003  
Copper Brown RAL 8004     Fawn Brown RAL 8007  
Nut Brown RAL 8011     Red Brown RAL 8012  
Sepia Brown RAL 8014     Chestnut Brown RAL 8015  
Mahogany Brown RAL 8016     Chocolate Brown RAL 8017  
Grey Brown RAL 8019     Orange Brown RAL 8023  
Beige Brown RAL 8024     Pale Brown RAL 8025  
Terra Brown RAL 8028     Cream RAL 9001  
Grey White RAL 9002     Signal Black RAL 9004  
Jet Black RAL 9005     White Aluminium RAL 9006  
Pure White RAL 9010     Graphite Black RAL 9011  
Traffic White RAL 9016     Traffic Black RAL 9017  
Papyrus White RAL 9018          

Before ordering, make sure you have checked the colour shade with a printed RAL-colour chart. You can acquire a card from your local paint dealer. Please keep in mind that the colour shades can vary due to the production process. This is especially important if you want to combine several components with "similar" colours. We recommend to use contrasting colours rather than matching nearly the same shades.

NOTE: Some colours are subject to additional charges. Please check with us to make sure that the colour you require is available or has surcharges. All timber translucent finishes are shown as a guide only and do not represent a true image of the actual finish.