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Weather Proofing

Weather proofing is also a main concern when it comes to door design. Our system has been tested at a UKAS accredited testing station and passed the PAS23 weather test to extreme weather conditions of over 300 pascals.

Our system has also been subjected to the demanding hurricane tests to achieve Miami Dade Building Code Compliance. We achieved the highest ever pass rate for a UK folding sliding door, reaching 5160 pascals, equal to a 204mph wind.

Most systems on the market are weather tight, with high performance rubber seals and brush seals. However, there are some systems that have little or no seals at all. One crude but easy test is to close a folding door onto a sheet of paper and try to pull the paper out. If it pulls out easily there is not a water tight compression on the seals.

The system also includes a tongue and groove feature unique to our folding sliding door systems which in turn:-

  1. prevents attack by an intruder
  2. prevents water infiltration
  3. keep the system stable with one panel interlocking with another ensuring that the integrity of the system remains intact whether the doors are opening inwards or opening outwards.

Additionally, incorporated within the tongue and groove feature is the ability to conceal a locking mechanism (gearing) that engages hardened steel engineered shootbolts directly into both the top and bottom track for added security with one simple throw of the handle. Reassurance if it were needed that with security comes peace of mind.

Testing Certificates