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Posted by Noreen Williams on Thursday, January 22, 2012

Folding Sliding Doors Limited is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Demand has rocketed and competitors may have arrived but this complex product is still best left to the experts, says founder Paul Shearman.

FSDC - A specialist company in folding sliding doors We specialise in folding sliding door technology only. Our brands Fold ‘N’ Slide Systems & Fold ‘N’ Slide Hardware are tried and tested products which are dedicated to folding sliding doors. The design and manufacture of folding sliding doors is an exact science. Do not take chances!! To specialise in one particular field of the glazing industry is to have accurate knowledge and skill in that field. The term folding sliding door specialist is used so loosely by companies that also manufacture windows, french doors, sliding patio doors, roofs and conservatories. There are many plastic and joinery companies that believe that they can simply manufacture some rectangle panels, fit some hardware on them that they purchase from their hardware supplier and call themselves a folding sliding door specialist.

Highest standard of profiles & hardware

We design manufacture and distribute folding sliding doors and folding sliding door hardware, a development that as taken in excess of ten years utilising our own in house designers offering a wealth of engineering knowledge and having a total of 25 years experience in the science of creating Folding Sliding Doors systems alone. The Fold ‘N’ Slide brand of Hardware & Systems are manufactured to the highest European standards and carry industry recognised accreditations.

Are not all folding sliding doors the same?

No, not all folding sliding doors are the same. This is a bit like going into a car dealership and saying "I would like a car". There are big differences from manufacturer to manufacturer, materials used, hardware used, strength, longevity, function and warranty.

It’s all about the tracks

We offer an inline out of sight track system, this track system is strong and secure all our running gear is concealed and is resistant to attack from potential intruders. The track is a vital part of the security of a folding sliding door. If an intruder can get access to the track, they have easy access to your home.

European standard locking and security

Many systems that have appeared on the market in the past few years use flush shoot bolt locking that is fitted to the face of the door. As a result you have to manually lock each bolt separately. The system looks very well presented, however the running tracks on an outward opening system leave the door vulnerable to intruder attack and entry. These doors are only sold as inward opening. Security is one of our main concerns when it comes to door design. All our locking has hardened steel hook locks, dead bolts and top and bottom shoot bolts. All our locks are tested in accordance with the internationally recognised European standard PAS024 for enhanced security of door sets.

“We are the only folding sliding door company in the UK to submit its system to a UKAS accredited testing station for PAS 24 security endurance testing and passed with flying colors”

During the tests the doors were hammered, rammed, pounded, pulled, pushed, lifted and crow-barred by forces that equalled a 127kg man trying to force entry.

How strongly manufactured is your system compared to others?

Technology has moved on. The walls on our aluminium system profiles are thicker than standard, resulting in a strong profile that has greater resistance to denting if hit. We use aluminium cleats to hold our aluminium panels together to ensure longevity of the joint.

Ease of use

Nearly all folding sliding doors are simple to operate; however, some systems have their little quirks. For the most part this is down to the running or rolling gear that is fitted to the system. Some systems have nylon or polymer wheels for quiet running and to reduce wear to the aluminium track. The problem with this type of roller is that (1) it tends to gather dirt and needs to be cleaned regularly, (2) if an obstruction is trapped between the wheel and the track the wheel can become chipped or scored or (3) if the door is heavy and it closed for weeks at a time the wheels can develop a flat spot on the bottom of the wheel, this is due to the weight of the door pulling or pushing the wheel down, but unlike the wheels on a car that are always flat at the bottom, these wheels develop what is known in the industry as a parking spot resulting in a ‘dunk dunk dunk’ noise as the roller moves across the track. We use stainless steel wheels to prevent these problems. The wheels have sealed bearings for maintenance free use, they operate quietly, smoothly and they do not wear the track

Some systems have single action locking with one turn of the handle, and some systems have manual bolts top and bottom of the door that have to be locked / unlocked individually. We use single action locking.

“A good example of a folding sliding door is one that is easy to lock and moves with the push of one finger”

Weather performance

Most systems on the market are weather tight, with high performance rubber seals and brush seals. However, there are some systems that have little or no seals at all. One crude but easy test is to close a folding door onto a sheet of paper and try to pull the paper out. If it pulls out easily there is not a water tight compression on the seals. Our system has been tested at a UKAS accredited testing station and passed the PAS23 weather test to extreme weather conditions of over 300 Pascal’s. We utilise 2 No. EPDM seals on each side of each panel and high performance brush seals on the top and bottom of the panel. The system also includes a tongue and groove feature to (1) prevent water infiltration, (2) keep the system stable with one panel interlocking with another and (3) to prevent attack by an intruder.

Ease of installation

Our systems are supplied with easy to follow installation instructions

The Folding sliding door company - A market leader?

We have established our reputation within the marketplace offering an extensive range of competitively priced folding sliding door options, bar length systems, hardware and experience to both retailers, traders, fabricators and specifiers alike.

.. but make your choice wisely