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The Folding Sliding Door Company are proud to announce the introduction of the latest addition to its range of products. ‘FD 75’ The ONLY UK designed and manufactured all glass wall folding sliding door available. Incorporating a unique blend of featured toughened triple glazing argon gas filled to achieve a thermal efficient u-value of 1.4 for modern day comfortable living.

The FD75 Glass wall bi-fold offers a modern contemporary appearance incorporating clean lines and smooth appearance complete with powder coated thermally broken aluminium frames for structural stability and strength associated with our companies design philosophy's. The contemporary silkscreen edgings are available in all colour options to suit your taste and design brief requirements dove-tailing neatly with the surrounding paint coated aluminium outer frames. In line with the companies range of folding sliding door products the FD75 Glass wall bi-fold incorporates high security locking mechanism, solid steel hook bolts & shoot bolts, encapsulated steel rolling gear all CE Compliant and weather and security accredited. The FD75's systems uniquely designed secret glass retaining system ensures that no glazing beads are required and that the structural integrity of the glass panels remaining intact in all opening situations. The design of the system ensures the glazing chambers are fully ventilated ensure longevity of the triple glazed units. Whether the glass wall is required externally or internally, opening in or opening out, folding right or to the left your options and configurations are endless. You may prefer the glass to the inside allowing the aluminium powder coat finish to form your external appearance the choices are endless. Internal or external corner configurations are possible making the FD75 Glass Wall Bi-fold the ONLY uniquely designed fully Universal Bi-fold System on the market today. Suitable for Commercial and residential applications the finger safe weather seal seals interlocking tongue and groove locking designs and aluminium glass edge protections underline the Smart technology utilized in this design. Think iphone, smart phone or modern day plasma TV's in black or white, pink or green why not match your kitchen or your flooring. Bottom track threshold option raised or flush., rolling top or bottom running ensuring smooth operation every time. Manufactured, delivered and installed in less than twenty working days..., We are sure you will agree, that you won't make a better investment decision or buy better...!!

The experience of using The Folding Sliding Door Company was a pleasure from start to finish. The website was very useful, brimming with tips and videos and the sales staff were genuinely helpful. They guided me through my order and delivered at a date to suit my builder, making sure he had assembly instructions and a technical contact number should he need clarification during the installation. The Folding Sliding Door Company even stayed in contact after the door was fitted and our extension complete! In fact, conversations during these friendly follow-ups aided our garden design. I don’t see The Folding Sliding Door Company as an ordinary supplier; I see them as a friendly, caring manufacturer who makes sure you get the best from your folding door feature. And they guarantee it too...”
The Chiole Family

East Lothian, Scotland