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Keeping Your Home Secure

Did you know that one of the cornerstones of FSDC's product development was providing a high security door system?

And 20 years later those designs still hold true in an ever changing market.

Our Original product development included ideas such as:

5 Point Locks

At the time these types of locking systems were used widely in front entry doors and proved strong under attack. FSDC were among the first to apply such technology to Folding Sliding Doors 

Interlocking Panels

As effective today as it was in the early 2000's, interlocking panels help prevent the doors from being pried open. The same technology was used to help obtain hurricane ratings on our products. 

Dual Encapsulated Rollers

Despite the extra production costs FSDC has always offered a duel roller system as standard. The duel rollers allow for a smoother operation and easier adjustment, but the extra security they provide is priceless. By encapsulating the rollers both top and bottom it is impossible to bypass the door by levering it upwards or downwards. 

Security Hinges

Often overlooked, even today, security hinges provided a idea solution against an outside prowler that can gain entry but interfering with and removing the hinges. FSDC adopted a secure hinge design that has stood the test of time.

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