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Up and Coming Home Style/Trends for 2020

Interested in following the latest home décor trends for yours or your client's home? If the answer is yes, then here at FSDC Global we have the top 3 up and coming styles for you to consider and potentially incorporate into your existing living space.

1.Making a Statement

This year's top home trend really is all about choosing a décor piece that will stand out from the crowd. When your friends or family visit for dinner, this will be the first feature they notice. Choose an eye-catching statement-maker to place in your living room or kitchen, it doesn't necessarily need to compliment the rest of your home theme, it merely needs to catch the attention of whoever enters the room.You may choose to make a drastic change to your space by adding some contemporary Bi-Folding Doors and expanding your living area or choose to keep things simple with a new colourful coffee table placed in the centre of the room.


2.Thermal Efficiency

Another one of the top home décor trends is to ensure that your doors and windows are thermally efficient, because who doesn't want to keep warm and save money on bills? Folding Sliding Doors from FSDC Global have been thermally simulated to indicate true thermal value. We will help you to choose the right option for your property, ensuring you can save the maximum amount by keeping the heat in and the cold out.

3.Choosing Environmentally Friendly Features

This will most likely remain a home trend for years to come. Choosing environmentally friendly features for your home can help you to feel like you are doing your bit for the environment, no matter how big or small. You may choose to choose to have solar panels fitted or simply switch to energy efficient air-conditioning. Did you know that FSDC Global only use Certified Hardwood Timber – (Environmentally Sourced from sustainable forests) when manufacturing our timber doors. As a manufacturer that creates a lot of waste, we also feel that it is our moral responsibility to recycle that waste, recycling aluminium and UPVC Vinyl through a recycling agent, and recycling our timber waste to fuel heaters to heat the factory through the use of a briquette machine.

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