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Why Your Family Is Safer with Bi-Folding Doors

 If you're looking to add space and light into your home without adding an extension, Folding Sliding Doors are the ultimate money-saving option to expanding your space while adding style. Folding Sliding Doors and Windows allow the homeowner to make use of every inch of space. When the doors are closed you can still appreciate a beautiful view of the outside. Not only that, but Folding Sliding Doors are the ultimate safety feature for your home, with a number of security features, you are your family are guaranteed complete safety.

1.Finger Safe Gaskets - There really is no need to worry about finger trapping injuries with our finger safe gaskets which prevent any possible finger injuries. This feature is essential when there are small children in the house.

2.Running Gear - Concealed and resistant to attack from potential intruders. Not only that, traditional patio doors have the tendency to slide shut, whereas Folding Sliding Doors have multiple rollers – making them easier and safer to open and close.

3.Complete safety for your family with 5-point multi locking - with secured by design anti-snap cylinders.

4.Internally glazed for all systems - meaning they are more hardwearing, sturdy and resistant to breaking. Doors that are internally glazed are less of a security risk. A glazing bead is what secures the glass in place. If the glass was beaded externally, the bead could potentially be removed, removing the glass without breaking and allowing access to any potential intruders.

5.Tongue and Groove (interlocking panels) which are designed to prevent panels from being crow barred open. The ultimate safety feature for you and your family. Our Doors are designed with a tongue and groove section that allows the doors to interlock with each other. This is designed for security to ensure that nothing can be prised between the panels and helps prevent intruders from breaking through. This is also for stability and acts as an additional weather feature. Our security features ensure the safety of you and your family.

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